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TSN Conference 2024

Join us January 29th – 30th in East Lansing, MI for our long-awaited return to in-person gathering! [photo by Neil Almond]

The Bart Hawley Show II

Water droplets on pink flower petals; "Petals Bejewelled" by Colleen Freshour

Lisa Brush and Rob Luzynski return to JTV’s Bart Hawley for an update on on TSN Spring Challenge 2022’s success and what’s evolved for the 2023 program.


CNAY 2022 graphic

When the Center for Native American Youth reached out to include us in their 2022 State of Native Youth report (a bi-annual document that circulates among lawmakers, academics, and CNAY’s […]

The Bart Hawley Show

Daisy flowers

Lisa Brush and Rob Luzynski walk JTV’s Bart Hawley through TSN history and the details of our flagship seasonal program, TSN Spring Challenge 2022.

Nature Photography Competition

Our celebration of the natural world returns with a new collection of stunning images submitted by artists across the globe [photo by Agnieszka Florczyk]