Our Work

Our vision is a diverse world of empowered, connected communities caring for land and water, now and forever.   


The Stewardship Network provides the framework for people and organizations to convene and work towards common ecological goals in their communities. Making progress together is more important than fighting for funding or being forced to reinvent the wheel. The Stewardship Network’s cooperative working groups are called Collaborative Conservation Communities, or 3C’s. 


The Stewardship Network never enters communities unless invited and 3C’s are always locally led. We train and support local leadership (3C Coordinators) so that they may have the tools, information, and experience to effectively lead their group.  Coordinating the knowledge, energy, and skills of a diverse group of stewards can truly move the needle on conservation efforts. 


Partnering with The Stewardship Network unlocks new tools, resources, and opportunities to create lasting and meaningful ecological change. All accomplishments, no matter how small, add up to global change.  It is time to move forward, and farther, together.  


3C’s (and the larger Stewardship Network) are comprised of landowners, non-profit organizations, private businesses, governments, tribes, researchers, students, and volunteers.  We serve as an information conduit: Connecting the curious to the knowledgeable, the theory to the practice, the Why to the How. We can all improve by learning from one another. 


Whether it’s scoping projects, managing grants, creating educational materials, or providing administrative assistance, The Stewardship Network is here to help.  Our individualized support allows your group to focus on the tasks that you’re passionate about with the assurance that The Network has your back. Our flexible support empowers you to turn your vision into action.  

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