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Program Overview

For years, one dedicated steward in Chelsea, MI gained permission from her large, industrial employer to take possession of all the lightly-used working gloves that factory standards had marked for disposal. The company (too modest to be named here) was supportive, but the volume quickly overwhelmed. That’s when The Stewardship Network got involved, picking up these extremely useful gloves, having them cleaned, sorting them into matching pairs, and getting them into (and onto) helping hands across the country. Today, gloves repurposed in this program’s earliest days are still put to use in service of a wide range of collaborative stewardship actions and we’re just warming up.
G-Tek black gloves

Small Steps, Serious Impact

Already, TSN Gloves for Good has equipped a staggering number of nature’s caretakers while diverting 32,675 pairs of gloves from landfills, avoiding 2,395 pounds of waste, preventing ~3.01 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and saving our recipients $50,180 dollars better spent elsewhere.

If you or your organization actively care for the land and water where you live and would benefit from a gift of these gloves, we’d be honored to assist. Local pickups (near Ann Arbor, MI) are available for free, or we’ll arrange to send them to you (within the continental US) if you can cover those costs. Please note that even with shipping expenses, our recipients are typically saving 70% – 90% compared to buying these gloves new. To start the process, just use the button at the top of this page or below.

Currently available for new requests: G-Tek gloves (medium, large/XL) are steadily in supply; small G-Tek & cotton gloves are available in limited quantities and our stock replenishes more slowly, so if you see them on the request form, they are currently in stock!

White fabric glove with blue grip dots

Program Accolades

“When we invite volunteers to join us for workdays throughout the year, it is so wonderful to be able to offer them all clean, comfortable gloves that fit well. Like most conservancies, we have old work gloves that we’ve offered volunteers in the past, but they are either worn to pieces, or only fit large hands. Being able to supply everyone with gloves that fit shows that we value all of our volunteers. We are able to host tree planting, garlic mustard pulling, and trail maintenance workdays with large groups and we never run out of gloves thanks to The Stewardship Network!”

– Amy Lipson, Conservation Specialist

Little Traverse Conservancy logo
Instagram story posts of a volunteer posing with boxes of gloves

If you have photos or stories of these gloves in action, we’d love to see them and hear all about it! Click here to share with us, or just do what Connecticut River Conservancy did and make our day on social media 🙂

Gloves for Good Program Partners

The good people supplying these gloves prefer that their identity remains a secret. We thank them sincerely for powering this effort and their willingness to engage creatively for the betterment of our natural world.

Big thanks to our longtime friends (and office neighbors) Resource Recycling Systems for their expertise in analyzing the impact of this program, particularly its GhG emission reductions.

The team at the Saline, MI Allegra office has helped us with numerous projects over the years. For this initiative, they generously provide the boxes we use for organization / shipping.