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Nature Photography Competition

In this time of unprecedented need for the preservation and celebration of our natural world, The Stewardship Network believes it’s vitally important to maintain our connection to, and appreciation of, the environment that sustains us and countless other forms of life. We also recognize that photography can be a powerful tool in sharing experiences, sparking curiosity, and stoking motivation for ecological stewardship. To that end, we regularly host our TSN Nature Photography Competition. The contest is free to participants across the globe and consistently generates, with each artist’s generous permission, an array of stunning images that power our various outreach efforts all year long.

We are pleased to announce that our seventh cycle (NPC VII) has now concluded. Please join us in thanking all of our brilliant participants and in congratulating our latest champion!

Winning Submission

Silhouette of birds taking flight on a body of water
Agnieszka Florczyk, photographer

Agnieszka Florczyk

“In my photos, I immortalize animals in their natural environment, showing their life and behavior. Only nature can create amazing light-painted images that are still a source of inspiration for me to capture these fleeting moments in the frame. Communing with nature gives great satisfaction, teaches humility and patience and the ability to use the moment – it is known that there are no repetitions and no two identical situations.” [Translated from Polish]

Winners in their Categories

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Special thanks to our friends at CameraMall for their expert assistance in judging this year’s entrants!