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Think of The Stewardship Network as the broad trunk of a tree, sustaining an expanding canopy of flowering branches. While we’re removing administrative hurdles and supporting TSN Member Communities with vital, right-sized, centralized services, they’re out in the field pouring thousands and thousands of annual work hours into our ecosystems. The “branches” then return their hard-won lessons and best practices to us so we can disseminate them to all. It’s a model suited to the scale of modern challenges and we’re just getting started. Explore the list below to learn more about all of our currently active and thoroughly amazing collectives.
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Our Role

The Stewardship Network is dedicated to customizing our support for each TSN Member Community to best suit their wants and needs. Our role with each group is unique and while some rely on us extensively for core operations, others utilize only a fraction of our capabilities and that’s absolutely fine with us. We’re here to give them the help they need, wherever they are in their journey. Over time, Member Communities evolve and we’re always happy to reimagine our involvement to keep up with changing requirements and ambitions. Some of our most popular services include:
SW x SW CISMA group of volunteers

If you’re looking to galvanize stewardship where you live in new ways and/or weary of administrative realities keeping you from the field, we’re always happy to explore the possibilities together. Visit our New Communities page and contact us through the form there to get started.

New Communities

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