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How & Why

Branch of red autumn leaves

Our Vision

TSN is building a diverse network of connected communities empowered to care for our environment together — now and forever.

Our Values


We believe in openness and honesty, bringing integrity and our genuine selves to this work and the greater network.


We believe diverse perspectives, leadership, and engagement makes our communities and the wider network better.


Everyone deserves to feel acknowledged, valued, and loved. We share our appreciation of the contributions people make to our collective impact.


We respect each other as complicated beings and acknowledge our interconnectedness. Better things happen when people in our communities are healthy, happy, and feel safe.


TSN exists to make the world better, and life is too short to not find joy in every day, through our important work and connections with one another.
Waterfall flowing through two large mountains covered in green foliage

“Heart of Mountains” by Sean Pritchard (TSN Nature Photography Competition)

Our Purpose

TSN and its Member Communities fulfill the promises of the conservation movement and environmental protection efforts, intervening in our local ecosystems to make those investments as impactful as possible with active stewardship.

Our Mission

We exist to connect, equip, and mobilize people and organizations to care for land and water in their communities.