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Office Manager (seasonal and part-time) – David Borneman, LLC / Restoring Nature With Fire (Deadline: ASAP)

To apply: email a resume and cover letter to:

We offer a wide range of ecological restoration services across the Midwest, specializing in using prescribed fire as an ecological management tool.

Location: 2854 Parkridge Dr., Ann Arbor, MI 48103 – This business is based in my home in northwest Ann Arbor, even though I would not typically be home 8:00-4:00, Monday-Friday. Most of your work hours would be spent working alone in the home office, or working remotely from your home. Having someone whose on-site work schedule could include the 4:00-6:00 time slot, or later, would be ideal so we could work together on various proposals and other projects.

Job Responsibilities: This position is responsible for handling the administrative side of my prescribed burning business. Duties include:

  • Contacting previous and potential clients via email
  • Preparing and submitting bid proposals for prescribed burn projects, as directed by me (using Word on a PC)
  • Preparing maps for inclusion in project proposals (using Google Earth Pro)
  • Working closely with me to coordinate burn schedule
  • Contacting Fire Departments to secure burn permits
  • Preparing burn plans (“prescriptions”) as necessary
  • Careful record-keeping of all clients and their individual needs/circumstances (using Excel spreadsheets)
  • Submitting payroll to bookkeeper
  • Keeping track of W-4, W-2, and W-9 paperwork for all employees and subcontractors
  • Invoicing clients, tracking payments, re-invoicing if necessary
  • Paying bills and tracking all expenses in Excel spreadsheets
  • Ordering burn equipment (as directed by me) and office supplies (as needed)
  • Maintaining paper and digital filing systems
  • Answering and managing phone calls, email, and “snail mail”
  • Report-writing, especially for specific clients
  • Keeping insurance policies and other certifications/registrations current
  • Creating and mass-mailing end-of-season Holiday/Thank You cards
  • Organizing/labeling/filing digital photos (Using Picasa and Google Photos)
  • Uploading photos to the web to share with clients and burn crew (using Google and Google Photos)
  • Updating Facebook page (“David Borneman, LLC”) with current photos
  • Updating (or working with someone to update) website:
  • Preparing individual client folders with maps, burn plans, recording sheets, burn permits, etc…
  • Trouble-shooting problems with computers, printers, server, and other office technology

Work Schedule:  Extremely flexible as needed to accommodate the selected candidate. The work load ebbs and flows throughout the year. Busiest season (could be full-time) is mid-January through May. Could be off entirely in the summer and December/early January, if desired. Up to half-time work in the fall. Additional hours may be available if you are interested in working in the field portion of the business (working on burn crew, site visits, minor equipment repairs, re-fueling vehicles, other ecological restoration activities, landscaping, etc…).  At least some of the work hours must be during the regular business day/week, because of the need to make phone calls to business clients and Fire Departments.

Pay:  Commensurate with experience. No other benefits.

Length of Employment:  It may take a couple seasons to really learn the job and do it well. I’d really like to find someone who expects to be in the area for awhile and would be interested in keeping this job for at least 3 years, if it feels like a good fit to each of us.

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