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When the Center for Native American Youth reached out to include us in their 2022 State of Native Youth report (a bi-annual document that circulates among lawmakers, academics, and CNAY’s nationwide community) we were genuinely a bit star struck. We told them we weren’t sure we deserved to be there and they kindly replied, “We really love the work and yes, you absolutely align with our goals as an organization. Your community-centered efforts tie to the need to support future generations perfectly through conservation work.”

A few months later, the report has just been released and it is a stunning collection of thought, wisdom, and inspiration – just what we all need as we look towards the horizons of 2023 and beyond. TSN is beyond humbled to be counted among CNAY’s allies and we cannot thank them enough for their vital work and gracious partnership. The full report can be accessed here (flip to page 38 for Our Lands, Our Connections) and learn more about this effort here.