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#TSNwebcast | “Minnesota Million: Reforestation for Carbon Sequestration”

with guest Julie Etterson (University of Minnesota Duluth) Reforesting one million acres in Minnesota could draw down 1.6 million tons of CO2 annually while simultaneously benefitting water resources, habitat, and resilience to extreme events such as intense rainfall and heatwaves. The will to do this will not be enough, though, unless we develop ways to grow […]

#TSNwebcast | “Growing towards equitable urban forest stewardship”

with guest Christine Carmichael (Fair Forests Consulting) This presentation will cover how to ensure that historically underserved communities, especially communities of color, are included and empowered in urban forestry programs. For far too long, these communities have been the subject of decisions made by those from outside the community, with inadequate attention given to the […]

#TSNwebcast | “Stewardship is Climate Action”

with guest Denise Keele (Executive Director, Michigan Climate Action Network) Stewardship of our natural world is crucial in shaping effective responses to climate change now and in teaching our next generation of leaders the skills they’ll need to bring about both personal and collective action tomorrow. In this encore to her excellent TSN Conference 2024 […]

#TSNwebcast | “Rethinking Kirtland’s Warbler conservation”

with guest Bill Rapai (Kirtland’s Warbler Alliance) Thanks to a combination of hard work, dedication and educated guesses, the Kirtland’s Warbler no longer hovers at the edge of extinction. But while the warbler was removed from the Endangered Species List in 2019, the story does not end there. Join this episode to hear Bill Rapai, […]

#TSNwebcast | “Volunteer Stewardship: Tips and tricks from a super volunteer”

with guests Emily Leslie (Michigan DNR, Parks and Recreation Department) & Wayne Gleiber (Michigan DNR, Dune Avengers Group) Join us for this episode to hear from a dynamic DNR duo of dedicated volunteer + professional natural resource steward and learn about managing invasive species side by side. Wayne Gleiber has volunteered over 5,000 hours and learned […]