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Stewardship is Climate Action

A group of ducks on the beach getting into the water of a lake

Stewardship of our natural world is crucial in shaping effective responses to climate change now and in teaching our next generation of leaders the skills they’ll need to bring about both personal and collective action tomorrow.

Climate Change, Michigan, and the Bigger Picture

A river dam area surrounded by trash and debris

Climate change has already caused huge changes to weather patterns in the Great Lakes and worldwide, strongly impacting ecosystems and challenging human infrastructure that was built for the less extreme climate of the 20th century.

The Great Lakes Piping Plover: Road to Recovery

Small fuzzy birds on the shore by water

The Great Lakes Piping Plover was federally listed in 1986, when the population was only at 17 pairs. Since listing, the population has slowly continued to increase as a result of monitoring and protection.