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Group of volunteers together in a snowy, cold forest area

Volunteer Stewardship: Tips and tricks from a super volunteer

(11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT)

Join us for this episode to hear from a dynamic DNR duo of dedicated volunteer + professional natural resource steward and learn about managing invasive species side by side. Wayne Gleiber has volunteered over 5,000 hours and learned some tips to effectively manage both plants and people along the way. Emily Leslie from Michigan DNR Parks and Recreation will speak to her experiences with volunteer relations and mobilization from the organizational point of view.


Emily Leslie

Emily Leslie

Michigan DNR, Parks and Recreation Department - Stewardship Unit

Southwest Michigan Natural Resource Steward

Emily Leslie serves as Michigan DNR’s boots on the ground for stewardship across eight state parks in West Michigan. There, she leads the volunteer stewardship program which engages citizens to protect and restore natural communities for species of greatest conservation concern.
Wayne Gleiber

Wayne Gleiber

Michigan DNR, Dune Avengers Group

Super Volunteer

Wayne Gleiber has worked to remove invasive plants from three southwest Michigan State Parks for nearly 10 years as part of the “dune avengers” – a group of volunteers who have conducted over 2000 annual hours of stewardship for the past several years. Their efforts have transformed the parks in which they operate and Wayne is eager to share what he’s learned with others.