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Aquatic Resources: Challenges, Opportunities, and Management

(11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT)

Aquatic resources play an important role in almost every ecosystem in Michigan, touching many parts of our daily lives. In this presentation we will explore some of the historical and emerging challenges to aquatic resources, review opportunities to enhance aquatic systems, and share some of the management techniques and programs used to manage large scale resources. We’ll cover fundamentals of aquatic ecology, recent events impacting ecology, and innovative solutions to improve and maintain healthy ecosystems and the wildlife and human populations they support.


Tyler Mitchell

Tyler Mitchell

Huron-Clinton Metroparks

Chief of Natural Resources and Regulatory Compliance

Tyler Mitchell is the current Chief of Natural Resources and Regulatory Compliance for the Huron-Clinton Metroparks. This park system in southeast Michigan covers 5 counties and 25,000 acres including thousands of acres of lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands. Tyler’s background is in marine biology and he worked on coral reef ecology and water monitoring projects before moving to Michigan and engaging with freshwater systems. Since then, Tyler has worked for the Oakland County Parks as a Freshwater Resources Specialist, and with The Stewardship Network as Member Community Coordinator for the Oakland County CISMA before moving to the Metroparks. In his current role, Tyler is responsible for the management and stewardship of all land, water, and wildlife within the Metroparks.