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A badger emerges from a hole; photo by Tom Reynolds

Why California’s 30×30 Initiative Gives Me Hope

(11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT)

It’s easy to feel discouraged these days, but California’s 30×30 initiative, with its goal of conserving 30 percent of state lands and coastal waters by 2030, offers an important ray of hope. Join us for a conversation with Annie Burke, executive director of TOGETHER Bay Area, to talk about optimism, agency, and action. The 30×30 Partnership Coordination Committee (led by the CA Natural Resource Agency) is one way that the initiative is coordinating local actions for state-wide impact and Annie is a member. We’ll talk about what 30×30 is and isn’t, how the State of California is approaching this big goal, and how on-the-ground conservation organizations are contributing to its success. We’ll also discuss the role of stewardship, so we hope to see you there.


Annie Burke portrait

Annie Burke


Executive Director

Annie serves as the executive director of TOGETHER Bay Area, a regional coalition of nonprofits, Tribes/Indigenous-led groups, and public agencies all collaborating for climate resilience and equity. She led the reimagination of the Bay Area Open Space Council in 2018-2019 which resulted in the focused and inclusive coalition that TOGETHER Bay Area is today. Previously she worked for large and small nonprofits in various fundraising, strategy, and organizational development capacities. She has produced films about partnerships between Indigenous Tribes and conservation organizations, the most recent being Umunhum. Annie has a masters in Organization Development from University of San Francisco and a B.A. in psychology from Denison University. She completed two National Outdoor Leadership School courses, and she volunteers on the East Bay Regional Park District’s park advisory committee.