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Zingerman’s Nonprofit Spotlight

The Stewardship Network is delighted to be Zingerman’s Nonprofit Spotlight organization for May 2024! Two decades and counting of living and working in Ann Arbor, MI means endless tasty encounters with the ZCOB empire, so this honor feels particularly wonderful. In their own generous words …


Zingerman’s has always tried to be as environmentally conscious as possible, knowing how crucial our ecosystem is in sustaining us all. That work is multi-faceted and means supporting incredible organizations like The Stewardship Network as they guide us and others towards best practices. In fact, the timing of this Nonprofit Spotlight is very special to us as we just officially added a new “Guiding Principle” to our Zingerman’s beliefs that focuses on sustainability and committing to continued improvement of our impact on the environment. We are dedicated to sincere efforts towards making our world a better place and putting in the work that it takes to contribute in a positive way. We’re grateful to organizations like TSN who passionately lead the way for us and others in our community. We hope you’ll join the mission!

You can visit our spotlight page here or learn more about Zingerman’s here.