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Lake St. Clair CISMA cleanup team with black trash bags

About Us

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Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area!

Service Area

Macomb and St. Clair counties (Michigan)

About Us

The Lake St. Clair (LSC) Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA) was established in Macomb and St. Clair counties through the Michigan Invasive Species Grant Program in 2015. The LSC CISMA is a collaborative effort to enhance ecosystem functions and enrich ecosystem services through invasive species prevention, detection, management, and outreach.

The LSC CISMA goals are to: 1) Prevent the spread of invasive species and reduce their environmental and economic impacts; 2) Detect invasive species occurrences to guide management, outreach, and restoration; 3) Educate citizens and practitioners on invasive species issues, impacts, and more.