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Greater Oakland County (Michigan)

About Us

The Headwaters Cluster (HWC) was the first Stewardship Network local Cluster to form in the fall of 2003. The Michigan Chapter of The Nature Conservancy led the formation of the Cluster as a way to build cooperative relationships between the various agencies who were responsible for managing high quality ecosystem areas under protection in Oakland County and surrounding areas, thereby enhancing the stewardship of those areas. Oakland County is home to the headwaters of five different river systems along with an exceptional ecological diversity and is experiencing extreme development pressure on remaining natural areas.

The HWC has two main areas of focus: 1) on the ground conservation action and planning, and 2) educating community members in conservation issues, techniques and other relevant topics. We focus on local stewardship issues and plans to address those concerns through implemented action. The HWC provides unique educational opportunities through events, workshops, activities and online networking to share ideas, information, skills and resources to enable local groups to increase their capacity to care for local land and water.