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A waterfall surrounded by yellow fall leaves in the Columbia River Gorge area

About Us

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Service Area

Columbia River Gorge (Oregon + Washington)

About Us

The Columbia River Gorge is an area of stunning natural beauty and a bounty of recreational opportunities. There are many stakeholders with a deep love for the Gorge and a desire to see it enjoyed and beloved by everyone. The aftermath of the Eagle Creek Fire in 2017 underscored how many people want to experience the Gorge, and also magnified the need to connect many of the Gorge’s passionate advocates into a collective that could build connections, trust, and synergy to accomplish more by working together. This was the genesis of the Columbia River Gorge Stewardship Network: a way to discover opportunities that would multiply our individual efforts to accomplish more for the Gorge and those who treasure it.

Participating Organizations

Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance; Columbia River Gorge Commission; Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission; Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation; Crosscurrent Collective; CultureSeed; Friends of the Columbia Gorge; Love is King; National Forest Foundation; Northwest Youth Corps; Oregon Parks and Recreation Department; Oregon State University Center for the Outdoor Recreation Economy; Pacific Crest Trails Association; REI Co-op; Trailkeepers of Oregon; U.S. Forest Service, Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area; U.S. Forest Service, Region 6; Washington State Parks; Washington Trails Association