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Webinar: Source Water Protection

Click here to register We all deserve to have safe clean drinking water that we can trust. In order to do that, we need to ensure we are protecting water at the source. Tune in this month’s edition of The Current Webinar as we focus on this important topic. We will hear about the Source Water […]

The Current Webinar Series: Phosphorus Management

Minimizing offsite phosphorus transport while maintaining proper phosphorus for plant growth is a priority for watershed professionals across the region and nation. Tune into this webinar as we hear the latest research and case studies on phosphorus management. Register here: FEATURED SPEAKERS: Antonio P. Mallarino, Professor, Nutrient Management Research and Extension, Iowa State University […]

Phosphorus Management and Water Quality webinar

Managing phosphorus to both meet crop needs and reduce P loss from agricultural fields is critical to managing water resources. This edition of The Current will focus on P management and water quality - the latest research on P transport modeling, and a review of ag BMPs and their efficacy for reducing P loss.   […]