Lakes County Cluster

Service Area: LaGrange and Steuben Counties

Description: The Lakes Country Cluster was formed in 2014, through the cooperation of: Blue Heron Ministries, The Nature Conservancy, the LaGrange and Steuben County Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Indiana Department of Natural Resources – Division of Nature Preserves, Steuben County Lakes Council, LaGrange County Parks Department, Steuben County Surveyor, and several others.

Focus: The purpose of the Lakes Country Cluster is to bring these groups together and focus on common goals that may be financially or logistically difficult to complete individually. The name Lakes Country was chosen a representation of the focus area, generally LaGrange and Steuben Counties, which house hundreds of natural lakes. Some of the goals of the group are to: pursue collaborative grant funding opportunities, share and implement best practices to get better work done on the ground, improve the effectiveness and approach of invasive species control, improve water quality, bring groups together to find common ground (lake users, sportsman, farmers, etc), and provide/disseminate high-quality education and resources on invasive species to specific groups!

Lakes Country Cluster Contact Information

Do you have questions about the Lakes Country Cluster? If so, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact Lakes Country Cluster Coordinator  Beth Williams at today!

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