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Global Landscape Stewards is an initiative dedicated to weaving a diverse network of stewardship practitioners worldwide. Through the candid and generous sharing of triumphs and setbacks, our exchanges serve to accelerate the pace and amplify the impact of this vital work, globally and locally.

Australia Exchange

In 2022, the Global Landscape Stewards team travelled from the western U.S. to engage peers across eastern Australia for a wide-ranging exploration of the common realities and distinct differences that shape landscape stewardship efforts in both areas. For three weeks, the team held in-person meetings and conversations with a wide array of groups and stakeholders, distilling recurring themes and salient insights into the report available below.

Thanks to our partners at Great Eastern Ranges Initiative for capturing this powerful visit!

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“Nothing beats being together in person—walking on Country, sitting in a circle, sharing stories, knowledge, and ideas … I gained more resources, connections, and friendships from this experience than I could have hoped for.” —Cecilia Riebl, Trust for Nature (Victoria, Australia)

[ABOVE] The Stewardship Network Monthly Webcast – July 2023 | “Growing the Global Stewardship Movement: Lessons from Connecting Australian and U.S. Practitioners”

Stream or download “Crowdsourcing Global Stewardship Solutions” (from the Network for Landscape Conservation Webinar Series – Tuesday, May 2, 2023) at the Google Drive link here.

What’s Next?

In the months to come, our team will make the recommended “next steps” from our report into reality, with the hosting of virtual roundtables, dissemination of informational resources, facilitation of boundary-spanning introductions, and planning of future peer-exchange opportunities. We are also actively engaging with our communities to secure financial support for future exchange opportunities.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about Global Landscape Stewards, please contact Travis Anklam here.

Special Thanks to Global Landscape Stewards owes a great debt of gratitude to both the Ian Potter Foundation the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for their support. Thank you!