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#TSNwebcast | “Beyond the First Horizon: Exploring Tomorrow’s Stewardship Opportunities”

August 10 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

with guest Shawn Johnson (Managing Director, Center for Natural Resources & Environmental Policy at the University of Montana)

We live in a dynamic world that is accelerating in many ways. We have more tools, knowledge, and collective ability than ever before. AI is bound to transform the ways we access, distill, and share information and resources. Remote learning and work has changed where and when we connect with each other. As we look to support stewardship practices in this complex space, we often focus on simply trying to keep pace. We feel lucky to maintain the capacity we have, with little time to imagine “what’s next?” and “how might we do our work differently?” so that we might have greater impact. In this session, Shawn Johnson will share some of his emerging thoughts, layer on insights and ideas from the landscape conservation and stewardship community with whom he works, and engage with those gathered. The hope is that we can collectively spend time looking beyond today’s horizon to glimpse and prepare for what tomorrow might bring.

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