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Talking Fire Webinar Series: Working with the Media to Communicate about Fire

June 26 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Fire practitioners are increasingly involved in working with the media to communicate about fire. Whether covering the aftermath of a destructive wildfire or helping local audiences understand the purpose of prescribed fire, it can be challenging to understand how to work with media outlets to best transmit your message. This webinar series, presented by the Fire Learning Network & Fire Networks, will feature panel discussions with media and communications professionals as well as fire practitioners. 

Crisis Communication: What Do We Say When Things Go Wrong?

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From large-scale wildfires to smaller incidents connected to complex social issues; crises take many forms and present unique communications challenges. Panelists will discuss how conservation organizations and fire practitioners can prepare for hard times and provide suggestions for how to proceed if and when they happen. 



  • Brigette Coleman-Williams is the director of marketing and communications for The Nature Conservancy in Arkansas and previously worked in communications for the American Red Cross. 
  • Jenifer Bunty is a public affairs specialist for the National Forests in North Carolina Service Disaster Assistance Recovery Team. 
  • Katie Sauerbrey is the fire program director for The Nature Conservancy in Oregon
  • Parker Titus is the fire program manager for The Nature Conservancy in Colorado. 


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