Central Southwest Cluster

Description: This dynamic group collaborates, combines, and coordinates their resources, knowledge, and experience in order to enhance capacity for:

1) natural areas stewardship through education, and

2) regional invasive species management.

The Cluster facilitates field trips, seminars, and workshops provided by regional experts. Varied educational topics range from species identification to conservation planning, equipment use and maintenance to ecological restoration, and are offered throughout the year.

Focus: The Cluster partners are dedicated to restoring native landscapes and waterways on all scales through invasive species management, native species enhancement, and monitoring, as well as regional invasive species detection, awareness, mapping, and treatment.

Central Southwest Cluster Contact Information

Do you have any questions regarding the Central Southwest Cluster? If so, please don’t hesitate to ask! Contact Central Southwest Cluster Coordinator  Paul MacNellis (269-744-7718) by email at:


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